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Don't Be A Doormat.

Just because someone is dressed like a devotee doesn't mean they have the qualities of a devotee. All devotees have different levels of qualification, and thus, they will act accordingly.

Those who are still neophytes (even after decades in the movement) and who have negative behavioral tendencies will manifest those traits more so than those who are actually advanced on the path. We do not have to tolerate that crap just because they are devotees. That is ridiculous. And we most certainly do NOT have to get along with ALL devotees before we can enter the spiritual world. None of the acaryas have taught that. That is absurd nonsense, plain and simple. We do NOT have to associate with devotees who challenge us in ways that are not favorable to our devotional life. It is counterproductive and not conducive to spiritual progress. We are advised by the acaryas to find like-minded association and to avoid those devotees who disturb our devotional life, and there is nothing wrong with doing that. It is absolutely essential that we make such arrangements for our own spiritual health. Srila Prabhupada never said anything about a 'house the whole world can live in'. That was said by an astrologer, but devotees have turned it into an ISKCON slogan. That's nonsense. We don't have to get along with every devotee on earth. We just have to find our own tribe, so to speak, and nurture that small group. THAT is a big key to success. So avoid negative people, whether devotees or not, and keep them at a safe distance. If someone gives you a hard time, be prepared to hit back hard so they get a clear message not to do that again. Humility does not mean you have to let others treat you like a door mat. That is more neophyte absurdity.

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