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ISKCON Gaura Nitai

Move to Prabhupada Village!

 Prabhupada Village--home of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai (Please see the above photo), The Bhaktivedanta Archives, and The Festival of India, is looking for families who want to settle in a peaceful rural environment. We're looking for devotees who are team players, favorably inclined towards self sufficiency, agriculture, and want to work towards further developing Varnashram Dharma. Although we do not have a school at this time, we do have a classrooms where our school was previously located (and many teaching supplies as well). Our school was approved and authorized by the State of North Carolina Department of Non-public education. 
Prabhupada Village is an open community, where there are devotees from many different backgrounds, and nationalities. If you're looking for a peaceful place in the country to raise your family in the association of devotee families, please come and visit. 

There is a regular morning program 7 days a week and a Sunday feast program. We have nice festivals on most of the Vaishnava Calendar holidays listed on the BBT calendar. 

There is local preaching available (within an hour) in Greensboro on a few University campuses, as well as many small towns where we have done Harinam over the years. Local people know and respect the devotees of Prabhupada Village. 

Affordable rental housing is available, as well as a few homes that are for sale. There is also undeveloped, fertile land available if you want to clear land and build from the ground up. 

There is also 1 apartment for rent, with garden space. This is an ideal place to live if you are interested in having a big garden, or if you want to get into taking care of cows or horses etc. and/or developing any kind of agricultural program. 

There are devotees here who are maintaining their families simply by growing and selling organic produce. Yes, it is possible to fully maintain your family off the land. Hare Krishna! 

Unlike big devotional communities, Prabhupada Village is a small village environment where everyone really does count--you can/will make a difference. You won't have to wait in line to lead a kirtan, give a class or cook a preparation for the Sunday Feast. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Your service will be appreciated from the day you come. Hare Krishna! 

For more information on visiting or moving to Prabhupada Village, please contact Madhuha dasa at: 

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