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 Holy Pilgrimage

 When we speak of "Holy Pilgrimage", although there are many sacred sites in the world, this typically means pilgrimage to the places of the Lord's personal appearance and activities. Of special importance for followers of Lord Chaitanya are, Vrindavan, Mayapur, and Jagannatha Puri. Watch the short videos below to get a taste of what that might be like to spend time there, nourishing your soul, your heart, and your relationship with the Lord. Tours are sometimes available. Contact your local Hare Krishna Temple for more information.

 Sridham Mayapur

 As the rising moon dispels darkness, spreading its soothing rays in all directions, so too did the Golden Avatar Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu appear in this world to bestow infinite light, hope, and love. Day by day, the worldwide bhakti revolution He ignited accelerates, as the background noise of doubt and fear is drowned by the vibration of sacred mantra. Entrance Into Eternity is a multi-part film series tracing this sankirtan movement. 

 Sri Vrindavan Dham

 Vrindavan is the sacred site of Lord Krishna's blessed appearance in this world. To this day, more than 5,000 years later, the entire area is still surcharged with the mystique, spiritual power and beauty of transcendence. 

Jagannatha Puri Dham

It is here, in Jagannatha Puri, that a minimum of one million devotees gather annually to participate in the Ratha Yatra Festival. Thanks to H. G. Sri Nandanandana prabhu for the photographs in this presentation. Jaya Jagannatha!

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